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Body By Radhia

Our mission is to transform our disease care system to a wellness and prevention one; with a special focus on diabetes prevention, sustainable weight loss and weaning people off their lifestyle induced medications using  our proprietary programs and products. We accomplish this by training our clients on how to address the root cause of their symptoms while educating, energizing & empowering them on how to have correct food habits to be in control of their key wellness markers, and improve their WICO™ Score.

The Metabo-Lyte

weight loss and detox program


Is a clinically supervised naturally balanced program based on a metabolic balance UltraLite diet system. Which includes weekly follow-ups where I monitor and adjust the protein/carbohydrate ratio according to your test results.

While balancing blood sugar, the weight loss program not only helps people to develop healthy eating habits, but it helps re-configure metabolisms and wean off excessive amounts of sugar and reduce portion sizes without feeling hungry. Attending weekly one-on-one personal consultations with me helps keep you on track and has proven to be essential to a successful outcome.


The program is in 5-week intervals. The initial consultation begins with a one hour education about metabolism and what is happening with your body, the clinical weight loss program. The total cost for the first consultation followed by the 5-week interval, includes the first hour long consultation, your Metabo-lyte Ultra Lite kit, the between meal supplement packets and weekly zoom follow up meetings. Additional supplement MedPaks may be determined and ordered after the first consultation. If you have blood work already which includes HgbA1C, and a lipid panel great! I like starting with a baseline. When you reach your goal weight I can provide a follow up finger prick blood test to check your post diet progress in those labs. or you can get it from your doctor. 

One on One Coaching


The weight loss program not only helps people to develop healthy eating habits, but it helps re-configure metabolisms and wean off excessive amounts of sugar and reduce portion sizes without feeling hungry. Attending weekly one on one personal consultations with a professionally trained practitioner helps keeps you on track and has proven to be essential to a successful outcome.
The Diet
The Metabo-Lyte UltraLite Diet is not a high protein diet; in fact, the amount of protein consumed is based on the recommendation of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Many people have experienced dramatic health benefits as a direct result of the re-balancing of their daily intake of protein and complex carbohydrates. Diseases such as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance have been greatly improved by those participating in the Metabol-Lyte weight loss and detox program.
The weight loss and detox section of the program is supported by four sachet supplements which are available in eight delicious flavours. The sachets contain vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids - and are taken between meals. This assists in stabilising blood sugar levels, thus eliminating cravings. The program is centred on eating the right food and the right portion sizes. By addressing the real food issues, that is "we are what we eat", and by changing the paradigm from "living to eat" to "eating to live", Ultra Lite is not only able to assist people to lose weight fast and maximise fat loss but provides the skills and knowledge for permanent weight control!
Lifetime Maintenance Program in Your UltaLite Diet Manual
Once you achieve your weight loss goal it is then recommended that you begin the Lifetime maintenance program. This is where you consolidate your knowledge of food values, portion size and re-introduce foods that were previously restricted. This provides you with the skills and knowledge for permanent weight control.


Why The Metabo-Lyte Programs Works So Well.


  •  You’re eating real foods in proper balance and quantity.
  •  You’re ensuring proper nutrient support.
  •  You’re addressing lifestyle issues that can impact weight.
  •  While losing weight you’re not experiencing:  hunger, cravings, lack of energy or mood swings.
  •  You’re looking and feeling good while on the program.
  •  Once you reach “ideal weight”, you are given system to eat all the foods without putting the weight back on.
Program Benefits include:


  • Females lose 10 to 15 pounds
  • Males lose 15 to 25 pounds
  • Weekly 15 minute, follow-up, phone consultation with Practitioner
  • Preserve your lean muscle
  • Learn to eat real foods in the right balance
  • Experience true natural appetite control


Kit includes:


  • Before and after in home finger prick blood test. 
  • 1 hour educational course on your personal metabolism 
  • Weekly Zoom follow-up meetings with Radhia
  • The step-by- step program instructions,
  • Diet  tips,
  • Tasty in between meal nutrition snack packets,
  • Additional  digestion and blood sugar support  supplements,
  • Scale,
  • Diet planner,
  • Recipe book,
  • Ketones sticks.


* Oh my gosh-I just broke my brain…the scale said 158.8!!!!!!! I can’t remember the last time I was under 160-I think it was after I had my 3rd kiddo….I had pneumonia in my last month of pregnancy & basically was all baby, then she nursed like she needed all the food in the world! Definitely not a healthy weight loss program for me! 


Radhia….I know we have more to go, but I am in amazement of this program. I have NEVER had the self-discipline to curb my eating habits like this. I’ve NEVER seen results from any effort I’ve made. You have not only given me tools for how to lose weight and feel SO much better physically, but also given me habits that will stick! I was thinking yesterday that the portions I’m eating are really enough! I think I’ll enjoy a slightly larger protein portion at lunch & breakfast, but I’m really happy with what I’m eating! The biggest change has been not adding the rice or pasta or tortillas or chips that would usually go with the meals I prepare for dinner for the fam. Guess what? I don’t miss them that much now!!! I made “tostadas” last night & they were just as good without the tostada base as with! 


Thank you for your accountability, your encouragement, and for this program. I’m beyond grateful. I bought a size medium spaghetti strap dress this weekend to wear to an event. I almost cried b/c it fit & I didn’t have back rolls coming out. Julie C.

*Take the guess work out of natural and efficient weight loss and improved energy levels by hiring Radhia! She expertly navigates you through food selection that fits your body and she designs custom supplement plans to address any deficiencies. I had excellent results in a mere 5 weeks and my long term views toward food have been much improved. Well worth the investment!! Robert S. 
*  A few years ago, on Christmas day, I had heart attack. I survived but the doctor put me on a massive number of medications. Especially cholesterol meds. It wasn’t long after that I started losing my memory. I am the CEO of a company, and I was struggling so bad I couldn’t remember anything. I found Radhia the following February. When she checked my cholesterol it was down to 96. She explained to me that the “sterol” of cholesterol makes our steroid hormones including testosterone. No wonder I couldn’t think. She put me on the Metabo-Lyte / Ultra Lite Diet. She warned me that if I went on this diet it would lower my cholesterol even more, she suggested that I ask my doctor to adjust my medicine. After 5 weeks I lost 11 inches off my waist and 35 lbs. My cholesterol is up to a healthy number, my energy is up and my memory is coming back and I feel great. I can’t thank Radhia enough.  Bob S.

 * I’ve intended to write for some time now, but felt my words would bear more weight if they stood the test of time. I’ve had two months now to experiment with the knowledge and tools that you provided me and feel that I can finally thank you properly.

It’s easy to compare how I feel now with my past.  There are so few similarities.  Not only is my digestive system much happier, but also I have more energy. I’ve lost that tenderness in my gut and the bloating is gone.  I especially like wearing my designs for a flat tummy. Experiments with food are fun. In the past, it’s been a challenge to find variety in my menu.  Food has never been this fun before.  I enjoyed meeting my nutritional needs and at the same time eating really yummy fruits, nuts, veggies and protein. And it’s so interesting knowing that a food is not going to disagree with me and seeing how I feel if I decide to eat it anyway. I’m much more in tune with what my body likes and needs. I set out in September of last year to make a change in my life. I was fortunate enough to be steered in your direction and consider that part of my life to be in control for the first time.  It’s wonderful to cross it off the list.  I’m sure there’s much more for me to learn, but the foundation is firmly established.  I’m very happy and I owe a lot of this to you.

Thank you. Maggie M. 

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