Diabetes, Hypertension, GERD

Dear Radhia,

I adore your services.

Thank you very much.

I have learnt many things about health.

And I am sharing them with my colleagues, friends and students.

They all join me in expressing appreciative gratitude.


I am diabetic and have hypertension.

I am 55 years old;I am a college teacher and lead a partial sedentary life.

I enjoy walking but hardly find time for it.

So I stand and move while I teach.

I walk from one block to another for classes.

I enjoy eating to a limited extent.

So I tend to eat more than I deserve.

I am oversensitive and feel tense.

This life style precipitated diabetes, hyper acidity and hypertension.


I have learnt from you that I have not protected my body, the temple.

We, in India, give more importance to mind than to body.

With warm regards of robust health.

Dr. Manchi Sarat Babu, MA, PGDTE, PhD
Kurnool – 518002 (AP) India.


To God be the glory- for leading me to Radhia Gleis.
For eight (8) years I have suffered from chronic diarrhea. When I say suffered I mean that in the strongest sense of suffering. It all started in 1994 when I had a hysterectomy. Then my thyroid quit working properly. At that point it was periodic diarrhea and the gastrologist did the usual tests and determine I had IBS- I was to take Psyllium and eat more bulk. That did not help. Then in July 98 I had foot surgery and they put two steel pins in my foot, exactly 1 month after that surgery I began diarrhea on a daily basis (always the 1st thing of every morning) I was sent to a gastro specialist at Baylor and he put me on Colestid (which was supposed to absorb the bile and stop the diarrhea) It helped but still daily diarrhea. Seven (7) months later I had emergency gall bladder surgery and the DR’s thought removal of the gall bladder would stop the diarrhea- it did not it was back daily with a vengeance. I had every test done that every Doctor could think of, with all negative results. Every Doctor said IBS-, which is a catchall for (We don’t know).


I then started looking at alternative medicine. I went to a D.O. that treated me with a Lactose free diet and candida yeast diet, they tried cats claw – they tried mental assessment testing to see if it was mentally brought out, I did stool test and stool test, I did food allergy testing. Then I was treated for glucogenic imbalance and Dysaerobic imbalance. All the while thousands are being spent to no avail. By this time I am now wearing a Depend constantly and missing work at least once a week or if I get to work I spend 1 or 2 hours in the bathroom. I was a prisoner to my home and work; my social life was nil. I ate Lomotil and Colestid which both had side effects. The # of times I was humiliated with uncontrollable accidents of fecal going through my clothes and running down my legs, left me so depressed and in tears of agony. All the while I am going from 135 lbs. to 150 and rising, all I was able to eat and keep in and not have diarrhea was starch – I could not eat any vegetables or any fruit. They then put me on colonics, and then a slant board where tee tree oil was inserted in the rectum and held in while on the slant board. Then I went the acupuncture route. That did help but only if I could get two treatments per week, I had to go down to 1 a week and tried many Chinese herbal teas from the acupuncturist. Again spending thousands of dollars to the point where I finally had to give up everything but what the hospitalization would pay for.

Then in December of 2004 God lead me to Radhia. She was eager to try to find a solution – we started out slowly because of finances and I was starting to see some improvement. Then I got a tax refund and ask her to step it up and at the same time my Diabetes Doctor and my Cardiologist both said I needed to loose weight and get my blood sugar under control. So on February 28, 2005 I started the UltraLite Diet along with her supplement protocol. On February 25th, I had blood work done which showed my Cholesterol to be 160 and my Triglycerides were 254 and my 3-month blood sugar Hemoglobin A1C was 7.8 and I weighed 173 lbs. Since starting the diet and the protocol along with 1 tablespoon of Nutri-Fiber – my diarrhea has stopped. I just had new blood work done 4/11/05 and my Cholesterol was 115 and Triglycerides was 72 my Hemoglobin A1C is now 5.9 and my daily blood sugars testing are average 94. My cardiologist and My Endocrinologist are very happy and extremely amazed in just 8 weeks what a turn around. And my weight is 152. A loss of 21lbs. I am exercising and eating properly and feeling just great. It has been two weeks since I have worn a Depend (what a blessing) I have not been sick or missed 1 day of work since starting with Radhia last December. Thank God for medical people who truly care about the patient. I praise God every day for this relief of no daily diarrhea.

Carol J. Johnston
Dallas Texas

Dietary Supplemention

It was during one of my phone calls to resupply that I was visiting with Radhia about a current issue I had been dealing with for several months. She asked me a few more details and recommended some changes/additions to my supplements, advised me on how to take them, told me it may take awhile to resolve but to be patient. Within a couple weeks I noticed a difference and I continue to improve each day. I was under a doctor's care but with Radhia's help my health has greatly improved. I can't stress enough how helpful and knowledgeable everyone at Lake Hills Pharmacy are. And Radhia is amazing!

Kerri Oswald,



So there are closer compounding places to me than this one, but I started going there because they had great prices on pharmaceutical vitamins. I stayed there because of Radhia. She is there to greet you right when you walk in and has helped me so much to find the vitamins I needed for all phases of my life, trying to get pregnant, pregnant, breast-feeding, then no sleep, lol. I love the interesting facts she types up for us to take too. She recently also helped a friend of mine get some good basic items for what she needed. So she makes it worth the drive for me and now I get my compounding done there. Thanks Radhia for all your help over the years!!!

Roxanne Bales,




I have known you (Radhia) for almost ten years. During this entire time, I have known you to be only the most ardent of Truth seekers whether it be in the area of chronic illness, nutrition, cutting edge healing arts tools or spirituality.


While the world is filled with many well-intentioned practitioners especially in the area of alternative medicine, the majority of people in your field rarely get past technician into the realm of practitioner/artist.

One of the most prevalent things that restrict most practitioners to the role of technician is their aversion to working on themselves. The amount of inner work you have done with yourself is obvious to me every moment we speak. The lack of ego in your sharing and the lack of need for approval from your clients is not only refreshing but sadly, often an anomaly in this world. It is clear that one of the reasons you are as open minded as you are is because you are not afraid of being an eternal student, always in search of new and more effective ways to serve those who come to see you. At the same time, you are not afraid to have a concept that has seemed plausible for some time be blasted out of your consciousness by a new and more plausible truth. Your commitment to growth and learning also seems never polarized by your willingness to take a stand and assume the authority that you have worked so hard to attain.

The number one thing that makes your authoritative presence so easy to receive is the level of surrender to God that sits so clearly one millimeter behind your persona.

Thank you for being more direct than anyone I have met in Austin. Thank you for being willing to take prudent risks with me. Thank you for being willing to blend my own perceptions and inner guidance with your own observations. Thank you for holding the largest picture possible whenever we have discussed possible directions for my physical health. Your willingness to do this has enabled me to continue to address the challenges of a difficult body without feeding any momentary fear that may have arisen which in turn helped me remember that who I really am is not this body anyway.

Hypocrites would smile upon your attempt to serve in the ways you do.

It brings me much joy to see all the degrees that you have attained over the last few years because these societal blessed certificates will enable a broader and broader section of the population to gain access to your wisdom and solid commitment to serve humanity in whatever way you can. 


God bless you and your work!

Rev. Michael Day

Austin Texas

Liver Cleanse

Your liver/gallbladder cleanse worked wonders. I am feeling so much better and my energy increases everyday.  Everything happened just as you said and now I’m on the modified diet and just loving it. Thank you very much and I’ll see you at our next visit!

Delores Godfrey

Austin Texas

Diet and Nutrition

Dear Dr. Radhia Gleis, CCN,

I wanted to express my appreciation to you for all your kindnesses toward me. They are so numerous that I choose to mention only a select few. The instructions you gave me with regard to diet and nutrition were invaluable. I began to feel relief with my condition after a very short period of time. The alternative approach that you selected for me seem to really fit the bill.

You really turned my life around for the better and I am grateful that you were recommended to me.

Anonymous in Austin

Weight Loss

I’ve intended to write for some time now, but felt my words would bear more weight if they stood the test of time. I’ve had two months now to experiment with the knowledge and tools that you provided me and feel that I can finally thank you properly.

It’s easy to compare how I feel now with my past.  There are so few similarities.  Not only is my digestive system much happier, but also I have more energy. I’ve lost that tenderness in my gut and the bloating is gone.  I especially like wearing my designs for a flat tummy.


Experiments with food are fun. In the past, it’s been a challenge to find variety in my menu.  Food has never been this fun before.  I enjoyed meeting my nutritional needs and at the same time eating really yummy fruits, nuts, veggies and protein. And it’s so interesting knowing that a food is not going to disagree with me and seeing how I feel if I decide to eat it anyway. I’m much more in tune with what my body likes and needs.


I set out in September of last year to make a change in my life. I was fortunate enough to be steered in your direction and consider that part of my life to be in control for the first time.  It’s wonderful to cross it off the list.  I’m sure there’s much more for me to learn, but the foundation is firmly established.  I’m very happy and I owe a lot of this to you.

Thank you.

Maggie Mann

Austin Texas

Products to Pain to Puppies

I live in Fort Worth, but have phone consultations, and even private consultations on Zoom, with Radhia all the time. She always makes time for me; her service and expertise has been invaluable! Her product knowledge is amazing and her recommendations have proved to be spot on. Over the years, she has worked with me on pain management, sleep issues, bone density, digestive issues, hair loss, and my overall nutritional needs, as well as making recommendations for my boyfriend in an effort to help get him off some of his prescription medications. She's even helped with my pets. The pharmacy makes my bio-identical hormones. Jobby and the other pharmacists have extremely helpful in consulting with my doctor on rectifying my hormonal imbalance. I cannot recommend Radhia and Lake Hills Pharmacy highly enough. Thank you all! Keep up the good work!

Amy Allen 

Ft. Worth, Texas