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​Blood Nutrition Analysis

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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis


Most people go to their doctors once a year and get their annual blood work- up. In conventional medicine, certain markers that are high or low mean that a person has a specific disease.
They look only at laboratory or disease ranges.  The problem is that these ranges don't tell the whole story. 


What do they say about Radhia Gleis CCN, MEd? 

I have known Radhia for almost ten years. During this entire time, I have known her to be only the most ardent of Truth seekers whether it be in the area of chronic illness, nutrition, cutting edge healing arts tools or spirituality.


While the world is filled with many well-intentioned practitioners especially in the area of alternative medicine, the majority of people in her field rarely get past technician into the realm of practitioner/artist.

One of the most prevalent things that restrict most practitioners to the role of technician is their aversion to working on themselves. The amount of inner work she has done with herself is obvious to me every moment we speak.


The lack of ego in her sharing and the lack of need for approval from her clients is not only refreshing but sadly, often an anomaly in this world. It is clear that one of the reasons she is as open minded as she is is because she is not afraid of being an eternal student, always in search of new and more effective ways to serve those who come to see her.


At the same time, she is not afraid to have a concept that has seemed plausible for some time be blasted out of her consciousness by a new and more plausible truth. Her commitment to growth and learning also seems never polarized by her willingness to take a stand and assume the authority that she has worked so hard to attain.

The number one thing that makes her authoritative presence so easy to receive is the level of surrender to God that sits so clearly one millimeter behind her persona.

Thank you for being more direct than anyone I have met in Austin.


Thank you for being willing to take prudent risks with me. Thank you for being willing to blend my own perceptions and inner guidance with your own observations.


Thank you for holding the largest picture possible whenever we have discussed possible directions for my physical health. Your willingness to do this has enabled me to continue to address the challenges of a difficult body without feeding any momentary fear that may have arisen which in turn helped me remember that who I really am is not this body anyway.

Hypocrites would smile upon your attempt to serve in the ways you do.

It brings me much joy to see all the degrees that you have attained over the last few years because these societal blessed certificates will enable a broader and broader section of the population to gain access to your wisdom and solid commitment to serve humanity in whatever way you can. 


God bless you and your work! 

Rev. Michael Day

Watch the video above to find out more about the difference between, conventional (aka allopathic medicine), and complementary and alternative medicine, (aka CAM).  

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