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Chapped Lips Aren’t Always What They Seem

A customer came into the store the other day with his 9 year old son. The boy appeared to have very chapped lips that spread to the outside of his mouth. His lips were cracking and painful. The dad told me that he tried Chapstick, coconut oil and everything he could think of and nothing was helping. I asked the boy if he could swallow capsules. He said he could. I told him that this is a common symptom of B2 Riboflavin deficiency. I recommended that he take one capsule of 100mg, B2 Riboflavin for 7 days and let me know how he does.

The boy started the regimen right away. On the 2nd day he told his dad “she”, (meaning me), had 5 more days. Nothing like getting threatened by a 9 year old, LOL. His lips were completely cleared up by the 3rd day. Whew! I love it when a plan comes together. Apparently, he wasn’t Chapstick deficient. Glad I could help! Thanks for the feedback.

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